LF:Split Decisions, Ironys, Confection, A La Mode, Echo, Northstar, SuperG

Like the title states I’m looking to acquire some throws. I’m mainly looking to find someone who has a few of my wants. US ONLY. I dont mind damage at all and I actually prefer marks. So if you have a few of these please let me know.

I have a bunch to trade. Below i will post a link to some yoyos i have for trade. Im mainly looking to trade but could include some cash. The yoyos below are most of what i have for trade but i have some more not listed.

Split Decisions (LB only and any rims)***
Ironys (any color but black and silver)***
A La Mode**
Super G ***
Duncan Echo (blue would be prefered)***
Northstar (yellow or green)***
RecRev Octave (3a pair)

Up…still looking. I got more then listed