LF: (red or orange flat) One Drop Side Effects

I have found both orange and red side effects and am no longer looking! :smiley:

Me and @yoyodoc are putting together a couple of green/red half-swap Deep States and the last piece of the puzzle we need are some Red Flat Side Effects.

If anyone has a pair they’d be willing to let go, I sure would appreciate it! :smiley:

–edit-- also looking for some orange flats!


I might have some reds coming to me, but it’ll be a while…in the meantime I’m still looking for a pair of red and/or orange flats :smiley:

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Hope you find them. Finding specific color SEs is getting harder all the time. I’ve been looking for purple or blue flats for like 6 months. Missed one or two quiet restocks of blues I think.


One drop will be releasing some Red Flats before too long again…but oranges seem pretty rare. I was gifted a pair months back though! :orange_heart: Would like another set however.


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