Any interest in doing a Red/Green Deep State Half-Swap?

Not fully committed to this just yet…but thought I’d start a thread to see if someone might be interested.

I’d like to add in one more One Drop Deep State to my collection. A Red/Green half swap with flat orange Side Effects. I wouldn’t mind doing red/green Side Effects either.

YYE has Red Deep States in stock…but I’d have to hunt down a green.

I’d be left with 2 green/red Deep States…would there be anyone interested in purchasing the second from me?

Or…is there anyone out there who owns a green deep state that would be willing to do a half-swap with me?

Here’s a rough idea on what it might look like:


if i had the money, i’d do it. that half-swap looks really nice!

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bump :slight_smile:


I would… let’s do it.

I can taste that watermelon already


Heck yeah man, it’d be awesome to do this with you!

If you’re sure you want to do this I’ll go ahead and buy a red from YYE today, then I’ll attempt to track down a green through BST. Once I have the yos I’ll reach out to you via pm and have you pay for half then?

Are green/red flat side effects okay with you? I can purchase the greens on YYE but I’ll have to track down some reds.
Black would look nice though too (watermelon seeds! lol)…but YYE is out of those as well.


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