LF: Pink or Purple YYJ Classic or Possibly Others

Hello all,

I am looking for a yoyo for my 11 year old sister. She is a beginner and I thought that I can get her a YYJ Classic Pink or Purple. However, I looked at YYE and other sites too but they don’t seem to have it. So if you have a YYJ Classic that is Pink or Purple and in good condition hit me up with a price :slight_smile: I’d also consider other yoyos that is beginner friendly with colors along the lines of what I listed. Hope to hear from you guys.

The only place online I’ve come across a solid purple YYJ Classic is a store/seller in Singapore (my gf wanted to know if yoyos came in purple :-). Purple seems to be unavailable everywhere else that sells Classics by color.

As for pink, that seems more common, I’d check out Adelgle’s lineup (especially the PSG, which comes in solids and gem colors: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/manufacturer/53/Adegle ), or the C3 Speedaholic: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1075/C3YoYoDesign-Speedaholic .


Hey man,

Thanks for the reply. These are the kind of yoyos that I am looking for. Just one question, are they responsive? My sis is still a beginner and doesn’t yet know how to bind.

Both those yoyos come un-responsive. But if you buy some thick lube and put it in the bearing or even some grease it will become responsive! Then when she is ready put the bearing in acetone or lighter fluid and the put some thin lube (just a little) or leave it dry and it’ll play un-responsive for as long as you want it to.

If you can afford to, just get a YYJ Classic, and swap the bearings and response pads/O-rings with the “pretty” yoyo.

Then you’ll both have something fun to mess around with. :slight_smile:

can i just use the thick lube like suggested above? I have some ha.

Mods, Im sorry if this isn’t following the rules. I still am looking for one but ill ask u delete this thread as soon as I have a solution

Yes you can just use some thick lube or even grease!