LF OG plastics, YYJ, Duncan, YYF

Hey all, it’s been years now since I’ve actively thrown, and over the years have sold off basically my entire collection short of a single OD Rebirth. But I’ve recently had an itch of nostalgia and I’m looking to find some of my favorites (that I can afford for now at least). I’ve been particularly interesting in redoing some of my favorite mods from back in the day too, so for now I’m focusing on finding some of my favorite plastics, but there might be a few others too as I think of them.

In no particular order:

YYJ Journey
YYJ Kickside
YYJ Lyn Fury
YYJ ProJam
YYJ Legacy
YYJ Prelude
Duncan FHZ
Duncan Throwmonkey
Duncan Aluminum FH1
Any Duncan counterweights, especially any og heads.
YYF Skyline
YYF Delrin Severe
Any cheap undersized monometals?
Any other plastics that you think might be fun to mod?
For now…

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Really depends on the mod

A new bolt got released recently so maybe look for one of those but it already has a recess like most plastics these days.

For something cheaper and easier to get the dove and speedaholic xx have been great.

I just recently bought a Bolt actually, and I absolutely love it. It’s everything I liked about the old recessed silicone and c bearing mods, short of added rim weight. But I really like the process of modding itself and other weird experiments, which is why I’m hoping to find older stuff from before the times of recessed silicone and large bearings being standard. One of these days though I need to up my machining game, graduate from modding, and just start designing and make stuff from scratch.

I’ve been kind of curious about the Dove, so I might have to check that out as well (plus I really should branch out from o-shapes lol)

The new freehand one and sphere are good organics to check on in the plastic realm




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