LF: Mugen Kendamas FS/T: YYR, TP, CLYW, Joker and Free Kendamas!!!

I need to make some dough for my US bank account.

Looking for:

Mugen kendamas. Musou. Original. Any. All.

Solid color CODE2s (orange, blue, black, pink…)
Solid color 54s (OG, with the white engraving around the hub)
BvM (Frank’s Slide colorway would be great!)
Silver Chief
07 888
28 Stories Canvas
Early Gnarwhals
Team Edition (brown with blue splash/speckle) CLYWs
KROM Deluxe solid color kendamas - Cream, pink, mint, yellow

Or, take a shot with something not listed here.

Here’s the deal: I live in Japan. I know this will deter about 80% of buyers from the beginning. My prices are reasonable, and shipping is included. If you disagree with a price, I would love to work something out. Here we go.

Stargazer - One super tiny scratch. If you search really, really hard, you might find it. Smooth. Never unscrewed. $120

Positron - A few imperfections. None that break the ano, as I recall. What a player. $100

Angle - Some ano defects from the company. Nothing otherwise. Sold.

Double Joker - A few imperfections. None that break the ano. Great yoyo. Underrated. $80

Arctic Circle - Gray with blue splash. Mint. 1st run. Traded.

Bear Vs. Man 2 - Clareview Station. Mint. 2nd run. $120

Puffin - Northern lights. Mint. 1st run. $120

Small Bearing Genesis - One flat spot. Good player. Big difference in feel from large bearing Genesis. Sold.

Team Edition Superstar - No stacks. Not mint. Good player. Traded.

2012 Supernova - Excellent yoyo. Mint. $70

2009 Severe - Rare. Smooth. Great yoyo. $80

Yuuksta - Early run. 2nd? $50

DNA - Mint. Smooth. Traded.

Rockstar - Winston. Love this yoyo. Not mint. Quite rare. $80

Rockstar - New. Never opened. Blue acid. Not gonna find a new original Rockstar anywhere, I daresay. $100

Oozora - White. Never opened. Sold in the US yet…? I don’t know. I hear that the white Oozora has stickier paint than other Oozoras. Free with the purchase of two yoyos.

Oozora - Metallic green. Never opened. Same as white, just released a couple weeks ago. Free with the purchase of two yoyos.

Oozora - Old package. You’re not going to find this on the internet. Especially at any website written in English. I personally got this at a toy store in the middle of nowhere, here in Japan. $50 or free with the purchase of three yoyos.

Oozora - Aqua. Maybe they still have these at KendamaUSA. Heads up, though: They don’t make them anymore. Free with the purchase of three yoyos.

So that’s it. Buy some yoyos. Get some free kendamas. Pretty sweet deal.

Paypal only. Will ship anywhere.

Thanks for looking!

Angle and SB Genesis sold! CLYWs might be pending…? Up!


DNA and Superstar outta here!

Bump! Adding new stuff soon!

Bring the Mugens son!