FS: CLYW, OD, YYF, good Kendamas. Shipping included. LF: Mugen Kendamas

Have to make a fairly serious amount of money in a fairly serious (ly short) amount of time. No reasonable offer refused. No trades.

I live in Japan. Shipping is included in these prices. Mega deals if you buy multiple items. No trades.

I have boxes for all of these, but most of them are at my parents’ house in the US, which I don’t currently have access to. If you want your box, I will ship it to you next time I’m out there (I don’t know when that will be, though) at my cost. Otherwise, boxes not included unless noted. Did I mention no trades?

Oh, trades? Not accepting any trades.


JKA Mugen or Mugen Musou kendamas. Other than that, no trades. Seriously. Please don’t offer.

If you don’t like a price, send me yours.

Here we go:

Japanese yoyos galore.
Stargazer - No longer produced. One tiny, tiny, tiny nick. Have the box. Sold.
Sleipnir - Early, early (first?) run. Mint. So nice… Sold.
Double Joker - A couple small nicks. Near mint. Great yo. $70
Positron - This is a legendary yo. Near mint. Out.

Good YYFs? Here they are…!
Rockstar - Original Rockstar (2010?), blue acid. New, never played. Probably not too many new 2010 Rockstars out there these days. $90
Rockstar - Winston. Near mint. $80
Yuuksta - Early run. Mint. Purple acid. $40
Severe - 2012. Mint. Great. $70
Severe - 2009. Green acid. Great condition. A couple scratches. Quite rare. Sold.
Delrin Severe - New. Black. $35
Delrin Severe - New. White. $35

String Theory Lotus - Mint. Have box. $60

Solid One Drops
CODE2 - Soda. Mint. Box. You’re never going to see me sell another CODE2. Only selling because I have another one. $80
Summit - Mint. Red. Box. Gray spikes. Sold.
Cascade - Ryosuke Chocolate Parfait color. Only sold in Japan? Mint. Box. $70
54 - Even more than you’re never going to see me sell another CODE2, you’re really never going to see me sell another 54. Red, but the previous owner tried to strip the ano, it looks like. Still feels great, as all 54s do. $40 (!!!)
Anti Yo Viszilla - Not One Drop, but you know… Mint. Have pouch. $100

The Canadian Gold. Most of these (all of these?) have OD 10 ball bearings. (Sorry for the weird picture)
Sasquatch - Rockabully. Mint. Sold.
Avalanche - OG. Red with black speckle. Mint. Sold.
Bear Vs. Man 2 - Basically new. Box. Sold.
Wooly Marmot - First run. Purple/pink acid. Box. Out.
Gnarwhal - Pink/silver acid with light blue speckles. Mint. Out.
Puffin - First run. Northern lights. Mint. $100

Ti Walker - Number 14. I bought it from YYE when it came out several years ago. Mint, but has raw scratches. One yoyo I told myself I would never sell… And yet… Sold.

Ozora Kendamas
Metallic Green - New. $25
Natural - Recommended seal. New. $25
Natural - New. Generic package. Competition seal. $30
Blue - Black package. New. $25
OG Leaf - I had an old Ozora ken lying around and got a Leaf tama from that deal on the right and swapped it to make this OG. The ken has been played. The spike and cups are glued. The tama came with a small dent. The tama has never been played. Out.
Enjoy - Never played. Switched for a yellow tama. The tama has been played, but is in near mint condition. $40

Keyaki Shin Fujis. Near as I can tell, these are not sold in the US. Awesome kens!
Blue - New. Sold.
Black - New. $25
Natural - New. $25

TK16 - Natural. New. They aren’t making these anymore. $30

And, that’s it. Paypal only. Will ship anywhere.

Ive $180 in my PayPal account right now. I would offer the 200 your asking for the peak but i just have only 180. Let me know

PM’s sent for two throws
Will pay immediately…

Phew… Lots of deals the last couple days. Some stuff has been delisted. Please don’t offer on anything you don’t see here. :wink:

If you’ve purchased so far, your stuff will go out on Monday, Japan time. I apologize for the delay in shipping.

Took some stuff out. The pictures don’t reflect this. If you see ‘out’ next to an item, I probably am not selling it. You can take a shot though. Thanks to all the people who have purchased thus far!