LF: Money, C13, Counter Attack, Frantic, Axiom.

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So I dont have much time to make a thread right now so i will do updates on it later.

All offers must be mint and play like fresh outta the box.
C13 (MINT)
Counter Attack (MINT, Clear with Red or Blue)
Axiom (MINT, Green, Blue)
Frantic (MINT, Blue with Orange Splash)

It may not be much but have these things for sale and i will trade.

Here they are:

Pre-Pro DV888. KK’d. The body is satined but everything on the sides of the yoyo is still there and mint.As for the satined area it seems to be in pretty good condition. I’ll start this at $40.

Next up is a MINT Worlds 09 New Breed. It has a grey body and the red rims. Mint condition and has the original speed bearing. Hardly played but is somewhat noisy…only thing bad about it. I’ll say $48 but is negotiable.

Next up is a Purple MiniMoTu. Which has a few small small cracks where the plastic meets metal. Plays smooth as butter and the cracks show absolutely no signs of getting worse. I got it in a trade with the cracks, played it for hours on end and nothing happened. So its still a solid player. Other than the cracks its practically mint. I cant find any other damage. $20?

Mint Yellow Projam, this can mainly be a deal sweetner of sorts but ill go 10 bucks on it. This is broken in, so broken in that when its unscrewed just right its almost completely unresponsive. I can get more than half way through a ladder escape with it sooo… :smiley:

Next is an Aquamarine X-Convict. It has some vibe and take its share of scuffs. But its a great yoyo t have. Im not entirely sure about this one but im pretty sure i want it gone. Its siliconed and thats about all i can say for it. So ill go $30?

Next is a Trans Sparkle MiniMoTrix, again. Not sure if i want it gone. But ill see what i get. So its missing a cap right now but honestly it plays better without them. Its prettymuch mint. I cant find andy damage on it. Its a wee bit noisy but a FANTASTIC throw. I take it everywhere as a pocket yoyo…lol. Ill say $30?

And lastbut not least a is a Takeshi FHZ. The caps are cracked a little but it doest NOT effect play at all. Its a great throw considering it has a cermaic bearing in it. It only has one pad at the moment. Its mint other than the cracked caps. Ill go 20 bucks.

SHIPPING US ONLY PLEASE. All prices include shipping. I would like to sell them in groups and not seperately. I will TRADE SEPERATELY OR IN GROUPS. IM WILLING TO GIVBE GOOD DEALS FOR TRADES


im interested in the dv888, i see some pics?

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