Really need to sell these, will make package deals: YYF/YYJ/3yo3/OD and more!!!

Hello fellow throwers, I have some of mine that I don’t use as much so I would like to pass them off to other players. All prices are shipped


'10 Red Wavelength ed. Severe, small hairline scratch on outer rim $70.00
Mint Blazing Red 2009 Skyline Offer
Mint Pink popstar $20.00
Black C13 $50.00
Pink acid wash Primo has pinkpricks around rims but nothing terrible and it’s still smooth $40.00


Mint Red Phenom $100.00
Mint Black with glow in the dark caps Dark Magic 2 $35.00

Mint Red beta Pistolero Offer
Stryker Offer


Mint blue/gold Zen 1 with weight rings $30.00
Mint green with yellow caps Phantom $10.00


Mint clear cosmo $45.00
unreleased prototype, heavier than the cosmo, has some defects $40.00


Mint black number 004 X-Calabur $50.00

One Drop:

Black 54 with both sets of side effects has two small flat spots $70.00
Mint M1 $60.00
Mint Dingo


Mint Pirate $20.00

Lord of the Rings collectable, pm me about this

Thanks for looking everyone

can you pm me pics of the c13, m1, and popstar. Thanks

I am very interested in your c13, do you think you could specify the condition or a picture? :smiley:

If the c13 hasn’t been sold yet I’d be interested in seeing some pictures.

$65-70 for the Skyline? Can you send a picture? Thanks in advance.

PM’D :wink:
Bump to a great guy!