Looking for one of these (MIB preferred):

I’m hoping someone out there got one and simply never bonded with it, and wants to recoup their costs.


You can also email onedrop and ask when they plan to restock / make more. With a new release like that I expect they will.

I just sent an email to onedropdesign; we’ll see what they say.

I also posted an LF on the Facebook B/S/T group, but even Vilmos himself admits that finding a purple one will be difficult.

David from One Drop responded:

I’m not sure yet we will be doing another run of purple. Even if we do it’s unlikely it will turn out the same shade as that first run. We also might be doing the second run in Pyramatte Finish instead of bead blast to have a lower retail price.

I believe at this point my only avenue for obtaining a purple VTWO in its current form is via B/S/T (or eBay, I suppose).


C’mon peeps! Please don’t make me get a blue one instead…


Well; I have a half purple Vtwo. It goes with my other 2 tone One Drops.

I have a VTwo, kuntosh, prescription and V1…

I can sell you my half breed. And I will just get another color way.

I would do that if it might make you at least ‘half happy’?

Let me know?



Thanks for the offer, but I’m not a fan of split colorways. Where did the other purple half go???

I see you are a glass is half purple kinda guy. I think those half swaps look awesome!

(Also I think it is unhealthy to be too obsessed with a particular “magic” yoyo. There are so many out there, and the vtwo is a relatively generic V shape which is a super common element in yoyo design.)


Well, I have lots of yoyos of different shapes and sizes, so my collection doesn’t lack for variety.

But the heart wants what the heart wants…

Besides, it is not uncommon (or unhealthy) for people to own more than one or two of the same model of yoyo.

Yeah but when you’re saying “this super hard to get yoyo with a super common shape is precisely the thing I need lots of in this exact color” well… there is an implied solution :slight_smile:

To me the vtwo was kinda striking in that it was so derivative of many other classic “V with some bulges on the rims” yo-yos. I suspect there are a dozen that would be in the ballpark of the Vtwo in feel and play.

That said, only you can choose your particular purple colored hill to die on, my friend. :wink:

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The VTWO is derivative and not worthy of anyone’s deep affection, yeah I get it. I’d still like a purple one. Why would anyone care except someone who has one they’d like to sell (or trade)?

It’s deserving of affection, but so are literally 24 other yoyos with nearly the same exact shape, weight, dimensions, and materials! :laughing:

Also isn’t it a bit racist to deny the half-swap offer on the basis of not being purple enough :wink:

Yeah, and I have some of them. Yay!

Again, I don’t know why anyone would work so hard to convince someone else not to like something (so much), or to stop searching for something they want. It’s like this offends you somehow or something.

Well, you are a half-swap racist. :rofl: so I oppose this on moral terms.

Mostly I just like bothering you. Imagine it is 3rd grade and I am sitting in the chair behind you pulling on your hair for no reason, because I am bored in class.

Ah, okay, I can wrap my head around that.

I admit I’m not good at handling being teased, especially when there’s an air of judgment attached to it. The Internet can make it real difficult to tell the difference between good-natured teasing and genuine (and unwarranted) disapproval.

Honestly, though, if the mods want to delete this LF thread, that’s fine. I don’t think it is doing me any good at this stage anyway.

It’s totally fine. You’ll just need a looooot of patience (and you probably want to post on reddit b/s/t and facebook as well, though I think you have done the latter).

Oh also: one way to get exactly what you want is to offer a lot of money for it. :moneybag:

I once offered $500 for a rare g2 swirl and BOY HOWDY did I ever get my choice of them once I had that offer out there.

I’m just saying… that works.

So tell me again how much your :heart: wants this purple VTWO? Because I think your wallet should be speaking up most of all.

I haven’t really thought about how much I’d be willing to spend on it. I always make that decision when I see someone’s price tag. I’m not keen on trying to pry it from someone’s collection by offering some obscene amount of money. I’m willing to pay a premium for the fact that it can’t be purchased new anymore, but not that much of a premium.

Catch-22 – you’re not going to see it until you entice them out of hiding. And you do that with big offers in three places: Facebook b/s/t, Reddit b/s/t, and here.

Why would anyone so fiercely cling to something as derivative and prosaic as a VTWO? In fact, I would expect lots of disillusioned VTWO owners to leap at the chance to unload theirs so they can get something far superior!

Artificial rarity eclipses all sanity in my experience, sadly.

And onedrop has never released even a mediocre yoyo! They are all good! It’s a question of how good.

I was casually reading through the lunatic style sword fight in this thread. I had no plans to post up a reply. None at all.

… Until you strayed away from borderline silliness; into the realm of non feasibility.

There is ‘no’ lot of disillusioned VTWO owners. Stating an untrue and highly unrealistic and unlikely supposition; does nothing to draw sympathy or stimulus to your cause.

Don’t defame or attempt to devalue an Excellent yoyo because you can’t find one.

I love my 2 tone VTWO. I only offered it to you in an attempt to give you an option.

Because I have a ton of yoyos.

Thanks for not liking 2tones.

No hard feelings… Just don’t bag on a yo-yo you can’t find.

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