Actually, I was being completely sarcastic, throwing the (absurd) sentiment back at @codinghorror as a jibe in the same spirit as his posts. The fact is, I really like the VTWO a lot, which is why I’m looking for another one. It was he who disparaged it by calling it derivative and unremarkable in the midst of dozens of other yoyos of similar design. Of course, he later pointed out that he was saying those things just to get my goat, but who knows how much that is just him being snarky and how much is him being at least semi-serious. In any event, I would hate it if my riposte was taken as a serious slight on the VTWO or its owners.

So let me reiterate: I love my VTWO. I may not be a fan of split-half colorways, but that should in no way be taken as an indictment of the VTWO as a product, or as a criticism of other people’s preferences.

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All in good fun, gentlemen!

But I do seriously think @zslane needs to start throwing actual $$$ figures around, here, on reddit, and on facebook, if he wants real results. That’s actual advice, and I think if you don’t do that you won’t get one.

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