LF: Ghost Pads


Looking to replace the response in my Werrd Pacquiao, which is originally set up with Ghost Pads. There is some sort of red thing in one side now that I like well enough (feels like a Gen-Yo pad, but is thinner than any Gen-Yo I’ve seen) but I have no idea what that one is, either.

If anybody has a stockpile of Ghost pads they’ll never use, or knows an alternative pad that I can find somewhere online, I’d appreciate it (and would obviously buy them from you if you have them).

The only other currently-available option seems to be Dif pads, which I find too slippery. The backup plan which Werrd themselves recommend is friction stickers, which strikes me as a last resort thing. Would much prefer longer-lasting pads.

Let me know if you have the Ghosts or compatible pads!


IrPads should make something that fits. I don’t think ghosts have been made for a while…


Ir doesn’t make anything that fits. Not that I’m aware of.

Definitely Ghosts haven’t been made in a while, but people have weird hoards of stuff and I’m hoping there’s some Ghosts out there. :wink:


Well good luck! Maybe they’ve got a stack of Yath’s Carbon Fiber pads stashed away, too ;D

(However this Rewind place across the water does happen to have .555 Irpads, I know that’s what the latest run of Pacs take, but if you’ve got an earlier one it may be different)


It’s more about the thickness… I have .555 pads by Gen Yo that are too thick. I think the IrPads ones are that thicker thickness for Hspins ‘n’ stuff.

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