If they are discontinued then how does werrd keep putting them in there yoyos? It kinda makes no sense.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

well, maybe werrd makes them. Or maybe you heard wrong and there not discontinued.


Well, werrd doesn’t make Them I THINK.


Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure it was Born crucial (Crucial now) who made them.


Werrd haven’t released a yoyo with ghost pads since the 4xl…

And Werrd doesn’t make ghost pads, but they did buy them in bulk.

OP why do you ask?


I may be getting a 4XL for my b-day in april, and I was curious about those.

(Hardcore_Max) #7

I got some 3 weeks ago from an australian online yoyo store .
Send him an email first about what is it you want. It may take a while for him to get back to you but he is very reliable though.


Their not discontinued yyn has them in stock.