YYR Stargazer V2 pad question

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Alright I need some help from people who know a little more about YYR’s than I do. I need some response for my Stargazer V2. I know IRpads fit but I don’t know exactly which size fit them. I was also wondering if there was any other type of pads that would fit it?

Heres a pic of my stargazer:

Thanks for any help?


Lol I literally just had this problem. Same exact model and color. You want the “Regular Normal 2010” IrPads.

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any other pads that fit besides IRpads?


Probably. What’s wrong with IrPads? They’re worth it. Trust me.

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Just to see what other options I have. If anyone knows of other pads please chime in


I’ll pm you.

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Looks like i got the "regular normal 2010 pads and guess what??? They are too thick :confused: now my stargazer is basically unplayable again -_-



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Take a knife, and slowly slice off the excess pad that sticks out. That is the best solution considering how hard YYR slim pads are to come by these days.


I HATED the YYR thin pads, they wear out quickly (especially in a Dreadnought G). For a more permanent solution, if you really like your older YYR, is to get a good modder to recess it for silicone.