LF: Delrin Skyva AND Magicyoyo N10 in any or all colourways

Regarding the Delrin Skyva: Preferably black with red hubs but will take any cheapest offer.

Regarding the N10: Any or all five colourways. Would be nice to have it as a set even though I’ve been told elsewhere they’re rubbish.

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Your only supposed to have one bst open at a time.

Ah sorry I mussed have missed that in the Sticky of the thread. I already wasn’t sure but since I didn’t see it mentioned at a glance I figured it would be more organised to split it.

Have merged the other post about the N10s into this one and flagged the other one as a mistake.



Did this change? I thought the rule was 2 at a time (though always thought it should be one).

Okay I’m starting to get the feeling I’m either not paying attention when I’m reading the rules or I’m just blind but where does it mention how many posts you’re allowed to have?

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