MagicYoYo N10


Looks like there will be 4 choices of different porcelain themes: Plum Blossom, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum.

Plum Blossom:




It would be great if YYE could stock these, I’m sure there will be a high demand for them.


And, of course, there is also the original release – Higurashi:


Those remind me of ceramic dishes, especially when i first saw them on their Facebook. very nice looking. Would be nice to see these be stocked, as much as they’d have to be outfitted with a standard bearing or bump up the cost and use the official KK bearing.


Well, they are using 10-ball KK bearings…


Are they decorations or something? I would imagine that they would break easily.


They are metal yoyos.

According to their description, this is an exclusive coating method that provides a more resilient finish than anodizing.


I figure it was some sort of cloisonne process, where they bake it onto the surface.

The “Original” is the one that caught my eye. I just need to wait for price and retailers.

As far as the bearings:
Have you played their yoyos? Their bearings are pretty awesome. They aren’t KK’s, but they are a concave bearing. They are pretty smooth and run good. If you don’t like it, then spring for a real KK.



I wonder how they would get the coating to have an even thickness?


I bet there’s a mold or something.

I had some pins made but they were very simple in comparisonn. 1 color.

Looking at my Disney trading pins, I can see by examining some of my kid’s pins(they beat up everything), the material is very, VERY thin. I’m observing cracks, chips and in some cases the bit is completely missing. But, overall it should be very chip resistant, but it can only be so resistant.


They look wonderful. I’d think it’s a powdercoat on first glance. Don’t really get what’s a cloisson. How do they get the pics on there I wonder.


These look really unique. The art kind of reminds me of the SPYY Ronin.

I would really like to pick one up.


It might be a powder cat.

Getting the pics on there is most likely some sort of printing process with a 3D capable printer. It’s probably then sealed and baked again.




I really need to start proof reading my posts better!

Thank you!


It looks to me that they are basically N9 without stacks (and better weight distribution)

Unconfirmed rumors says that these will be machined from 7075 aluminium (as a way to show off the new coating method)

EDIT: it has been confirmed that the rumor is false.

Can’t wait to get them!


Looks like it have already dropped in China:

link removed

RMB $198, which is roughly US $30.




so how do I get one? This looks pretty sweet and from what I hear magicyoyos are pretty darn good for the price point!

(Bína) #19

So first European store get them in stock and they sale it for 57 USD!! Even though it looks beautiful, I’m not paying that much for Magic yo-yo. Hopefully price on ebay will be significantly lower.


I was thinking based on their other stuff, $30 sounds about right. I’ll just wait for them to show up on Ebay.