LF Banshee!! FS/T: Abyss, Igloo, 7075 Chief, Confetti AC2, Compass, and more!

Looking to sell to fund a friend’s college books, open to trade offers, you can find everything I have here (includes damage, description, and vibe if not mint). May add more later. PM me for pictures of damage (if applicable), prices, and offers.

Looking for (in order of greatest to least want):

  • ***** Cash
  • *** Anubis
  • ** Borealis (especially Harrison Hurricane Fade, red)
    • Orca (especially Maiderade, Harrison Hurricane [Fade], gold, C.R.Y.O., clear, green)
    • Arctic Circle 2 (especially Harrison Hurricane, C.R.Y.O., green)
    • Leviathan 6 / 7
  • Offers

Interested in your 7075 chief.

I’m not sure my messages are going through. If you’d like to try hitting me up on Facebook messenger, that might work. I’m JB Wheeler on there.