Looking for Banshee and Life

Hi all! I have some unexpected cash and want to upgrade my throws. Everyone recommends the Life and the Banshee (I think the '18 version but I may be mistaken).

Any chance anyone has one of either that they’d be willing to part with? Have cash and paypal ready to go!

Thanks and have a great day!



Here’s a sweet Banshee for a great price!


Also, just got a B18 Banshee if you’re interested.

Got a mint 7075 banshee if interested

Hey - thanks for reaching out. Definitely interested. Any chance you could send a photo or two? And what would you be looking to get for it? Thanks and have a great night!

Oh man…you’ve got alot of offers…? I just wanted to offer you my green 2019 7075 Bomber Banshee that’s mint new! Let me know?

Sure can! Erm I’d hope to get 75 for it but I could probably be talk down. Its mint and I think I got the box and pin somewhere

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