LF: G2 Banshee SS FOUND!

Hey! Just recieved my first B22 the other day and oh my am i in love! Now i really want to find a banshee ss! My absolute most wanted one is the hulk colorway…but willing to take what i can get if the price is right!

Ps…wiliing to pay well for the Hulk colorway :smiley:


I’m selling Lucid dream Banshee SS. Please refer to my post!

I’m selling one. Dark Green w/ Gold rings.
Has a gold NSK bearing as well.

Enjoy the throw

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Definitely consider this!

I just purchased a Banshee 22 as well, sooo curious to try. First purchase in a very long time.


It has quickly become my favorite throw


Banshee ss is nice. Not that crazy powerful for a bimetal and walls are a bit high but it feels really nice on the string

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