FS/T: Igloo, Confetti AC2, Oracles, Weekend, Puffin 2, and more!


Mainly looking to sell, open to trade offers. As far as trades go, looking specifically for a light blue Oracle, pink or blue Irony JP-X, Unicorn Speckle Banshee, Ignite, Flash, Sensei, Banana Hammock, Ti7075 Evora, Anubis, Levi 6 / 7, Marquis (Ti or normal), 6061 / 7075 Chief, Advance Scout. PM me with your offers :slight_smile:

Left to right, top to bottom:
Saturn V, Weekend, Puffin 2, bape Oracle, Format:C
Irony JP-X, Confetti AC2, Oracle, Valor
HiDRA, Blink, Compass, Banshee v1, Knight (PENDING)
China-cuda, Hertz, Leo Sniper Mk II, Igloo, Production Banshee, Knight (PENDING)

(system) #8