Leviathan 6

 First post ever.  Been reading through these forums for months tho.  Started with a space cowboy.....then crowd funded titanium dream/aluminum dream.  Just got a brussels sprouts Chief CLYW a few days ago.  Anyways.....I know through research that the draupnir and palpitation are considered two of the best.  I've been eyeing the leviathan 6 for a week now.  From what I currently own........I know I favor lighter throws.  The leviathan 6 is lighter than both the palpitation and isotope 2......but I can't find NOTHING on the Internet about it.  Not a single review.  Anybody have one?  What are your thoughts.  Nobody seems to be buying them.  Is there a reason?  What I really want is a draupnir.......but I will just have to be patient on that one.

I don’t have one but was close to it during that last YYE sale. If they restock a blasted finish color way I like I will scoop one up.

I can tell you I think the palpitation is great but yes, hefty. Also, if you really want a draupnir, then I recommend just wait and watch the interwebs for a restock or BST.

The L6 is close to perfect specs for me so I will have one in the future I’m sure (though right now the YYR Sputnik gives me little need for any other yoyo). Point is, if you prefer full size super lightweight V/W shapes - I wouldn’t bother with the L6.

Unless you have a sickness… Where the only cure is more yoyos… Which many of us have… Maybe check out the Onedrop MMC to hold you over. It’s full size and comes with spare aluminum side effects which makes for a very light throw. The comfy O profile might give your hand a different flavor. If you are stuck on V shapes definitely check out the GenYo Prophecy, very light. Both are blasted!

Also, that Brussels Cheif is pretty sweet ain’t it? ;D

 You know......It's difficult to explain.  Titanium dream is super stable.......spins forever and seems to never run out of gas.  The CLYW Chief is half as stable and runs out of gas in half the time.........but it's lighter.......very floaty......and big.  I find that on the tricks I have mastered.........the Chief is much much faster than the titanium dream.  It's effortless...graceful even.  I find I can do just as much on the Chief because I'm doing it much faster.  I love them both and throw both daily.  Basically I grab the Titanium dream to learn new stuff......and the Chief when I'm just throwing/practicing what I've already mastered.  One thing is for sure tho........I like lighter throws.   The dream feels heavier on the string throughout combos........and feels much heavier on initial throw.  This is because of the heavy rim weighting.  The Chief is just smooth and effortless.......just plain fun.  I'm considering buying another right now I love it so much.

The Leviathan 6 plays like a smaller Palpitation. It is fast, but it doesn’t have a light feeling. I’d suggest waiting for a Draupnir or getting the new Leviathan 7, it was only released about a week ago.