Anyone out there own a Leviathan 6

 I am really curious if anyone out there owns one or has thrown one.  The specs are right in line with what I consider perfection.  But....I can't find any reviews or nothing.   Very steep price point to gamble on.

I’ve played one briefly. It feels like a smaller Palpitation in terms of play. Have you considered the Leviathan 7? It knocks the 6 out of the park, in my opinion. However, the Lev6 is still a phenomenal throw.

I’m hoping that yoyoexpert gets the leviathan 7 in stock…and then discounts the leviathan 6. Nobody is buying the 6. Guess I will continue to wait…However, the new leviathan 7 does look really good. Can’t help but wonder if they are planning something along the same lines for the palpitation or isotope. The rings on the outside also have the benefit of being more durable to dings and scuffs. I might spring for the 7 anyways. I’m really just wanting to add a turning point to my collection. Wish I knew someone close that had a palpitation and isotope 2 I could throw…I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the 6 based on specs and what I currently own. The leviathan 7 could be a different animal tho.

Just ordered a leviathan 7 in green…Guess I will be the guinea pig on this one. I hope it’s good…

Awesome! I really hope you’ll like it too. It’s surely an amazing throw.