Let's talk yoyo storage

I really didn’t think this would be an issue this early in the game; but, with my collection growing rapidly, I’m wondering what folks are doing to store their throws at home. I’ve seen some of the bags made for them; but, I’m more concerned with storing them around the house in a way that protects them and keeps them in top shape.

I’m all ears. 10 here and 4 more on the way and I’d like to be able to keep them stored safely. I’m not interested in displaying them, just keeping them ready to play but safely tucked away.


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Hmm. I think you should display them while storing them… that’s the better way :wink:

I’ll defer to others on “hidden storage” methods, because all mine are about display + storage… playable art!

With a two year old son, a seven year old daughter, and three dogs in the house, hidden is best! The Duncans and Yomegas can stay on the counter. I want my nicer ones out of reach and out of eyesight! Not just so the kids don’t get their hands on them; but, also so the wife can’t witness this collection growing at an alarming rate!


I use YYE competition bags to store all my yoyos.

The hard cases are the best for storage, you can run 48 in them, if you use both sides. It is fairly safe to do so, as long as you don’t put two ULTRAWIDES in the same slots symmetric to the other side.

Not sold on YYE so I can’t directly talk about it, but they look like this:


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That’s the ticket right there. Do you have a link for where you got that?

Also, I wonder if a custom cut piece of 1/2 densified urethane foam between the two sides would protect them from each other? Or maybe even some 1/4" 10lb crosslinked polyethylene?

Edit @codinghorror Disregard link request, I found one.

I display my most prized/favourite throws and basically leave the rest hanging round the house


Shop made out of repurposed oak. Shelves have purple felt cut to fit string storage on hooks.20181028_130530


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Ur strings are so beautiful