Let's Rally for the Hectics

Who couldn’t say that One Drop rally outdid themselves with the Hectic? I hope they decide to put it in the OD Mystery Box!

Purple and Teal is my favorite. :slight_smile:

The large bearing simply looks better when it’s taken apart.

There’s an OD Mystery Box?

No, there wasn’t. Yoyofoot’s just being himself.

I…really don’t get it, would somebody be kind enough to rephrase this? I mean, I know the words, they seem to be syntaxically correct, but I struggle with semantics ;D

He’s just spewing nonsense, he’s just messing around. Trace and mrcnja are just going along with the nonsense.

Thanks, I’m relieved :slight_smile:

B grade 54 and a B grade Format:C

Well looks like another year I must go Hecticless… :C

That’s an odd looking format c IMO

The format C is an odd looking hectic lol
The hectic is from a few years back.

Am I the only one that’s lost here?

That’s why it was a B-grade.

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Its a popstar. Frivolous threads such as these are ridiculous and useless. Sure a joke is fine but leaving the rest of the world hanging is just dumb. ???

Congrats on getting the purple and teal, though.