Lets make a yoyo creepypasta!

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If you want a yoyo themed Creepypasta, why not write it yourself?

I once bought a CLYW, a rare CLYW. I was walking along throwing it when the string broke! the yoyo clattered to the pavement and was covered in SCRATCHES and DINGS! And it forever had vibe.


Their was black unengrave yoyo the look like DV888 but YYF Ben said no DV888… BUT WHO WAS YOYO!?!


I was throwing my yoyo and it was a bear the end

The yoyo of death?

Wait did you just by chance let slide a hint at a new Diverse Animals prototype?

I don’t get this topic.


There once was a yoyo string made of razor sharp polyester that would scratch and injure any person choosing to throw the black red splash yoyo