Let's break the Shoot the Moon record together

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I use a shorter string. I’m not saying super short, but I tie it out around my man parts rather than my belly button


I never thought of using a yoyo string to measure and record my inseam. That just saved some awkward moments with my tailor. After explaining why I carry around so many yo-yos, of course. :+1:

A family member lovingly got me yoyo string as a gift. They still don’t know there’s different types of strings, bless 'em, and got me 100 ct Kitty long. I never would’ve tried this on my own but RBC x long strings = superhero feelings. Could never shoot the moon with it though.

What’s the WR for shoot the moons with long string? Do they differentiate the record by string length? What’s the longest string someone has ever pulled off a shoot the moon with? Is there a rule governing the string length’s proportions to the one attempting the record? Which can carry more weight an African Swallow or a European one?

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This is the one handed longest shoot the moon. :crescent_moon: over 15 feet!!


Where do you even get a string that long? I need to make sure my family members do not shop there for gifts.

@yyfben2 This ∆∆∆, but one inch longer and from the desk chair?


Ive only done this trick a few times, because of lot of my yoyoing is done indoors in an old house with low ceilings, so forgive me if im mistaken. But im thinking that this trick would be the easiest to do on a looping yoyo?

Im pretty sure no amount of voodoo yoyo technology would make this even remotely possible to beat. Some world records may be somewhat ‘easy’ to beat because of obscurity and antiquated means, but this really doesn’t sound like one of them. This honestly sounds just as hard or harder than crafting a winning world’s yoyo routine of any division. Im actually astounded by the record, seems almost unreal.

Honestly same. When this project was first announced, I was so excited because the Blood Cell is one of those rare fixies that imo is truly something special. It made me envision a metal version, one that is dead smooth, but still has the same feel. Having never played a metal yoyo that even remotely felt like a fixie in play had me skeptical, but after seeing the design philosophy explained by MK1/SW, I was all in for the hype. After playing with it for 5 minutes, I was blown away; this yoyo is a game changer. Hollow aluminum designs have been a thing for quite a while, but never to this end, not even close.

Before this yoyo came out, the Daytripper (imo) was far and away the best metal responsive. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is great, and still better than the RBC in some areas of responsive play, but for 0A styles the RBC just feels like smoother wood. Id love to see a more narrow-walled, larger diameter, hollow aluminum design using the same principles to see if it can retain some of the same magic.

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