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Congratulations to Icthus

My name is Casey Moss. I was born in 1972. I have been yoyoing since april of 2004.

My story starts at Church. I have three sons that are in the youth group there. They had a young youth volunteer there and the students called him yoyo. Well after about 3 months of hearing about this guy named yoyo, I decided to become a volunteer in the youth as well. Turns out this guy named yoyo is none other than Adam Brewster. He taught my oldest son how to do some tricks then ended up giving him a yoyo. That is the day I gained interest.

You see my oldest son and I didn’t get along very well. Clashing attitudes I guess. He got really into yoyoing so I though if I can get into this thing called yoyoing then maybe I can connect with my son. It worked. Now we yoyo together all the time. We still have out little problems like most kids and their parents but we are now good friends.

I played with my sons yoyo’s for a short while till by birthday. Adam was recently sponsored by Buzz-On and one of the yoyo’s they gave him for his sponsorship was given to me on my birthday. My very own Element-X Recess Remix. One awesome yoyo.

He taught me and my son as much as he could. He started holding contests in OKlahoma and then ended up moving to Tenn. The next year Derrek Bond held the competition. In 2008 I took hold of it and have been coordinating the Oklahoma State Yoyo Contest since. http://oktoyoyo.com/ I also coordinate The South Central Regionals which is usually held in Dallas Texas. http://www.scryoyos.net/

Now after Adam left, I realized that yoyoing wasn’t just to get me and my son together. I was now hooked. Now I don’t go a day without throwing a yoyo. I got so consumed by it that I am in the midst of starting my own yoyo manufacturing company. I have been on all the other forums but I call this one home now and have for quite some time.

That is my story and I’m sticking to it!

Congratulations Icthus!

Oh YEAH! Good job Icthus! You deserved it!

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YES!!! Congratulations Icthus!

Congratulations Icthus! :smiley: I’m glad to have you as one of YYE’s mods!


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I saw this coming. I was suprised you weren’t one already.

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it’s about time man. And congratulations

Defenatly deserved it, hes alway sharing ideas ;D


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Great Job! YOu deserved it.

Woot! Congrats! And a cool story!

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Congratulations Icthus!