Lessons you learned through throwing/Ways throwing has helped you

One thing I learned from throwing would be perseverance. To be honest, before throwing I was a jack of all trades, I would do a little bit of something, get bored of it, and do something else. Throwing has gotten me grounded, and I’ve been throwing for about 5 months now. This is honestly been the first time I stuck to something for so long.
Throwing has helped me get my future in motion, if I didn’t want all these new throws, I wouldn’t care to get a good job!

met cool people, sorta it.

It’s helped me by getting out of my shell a little more and try new stuff. It also has taught me to be patient and it will reward itself which is true.

I learned that even if it seems like you cant do anything because of your bodies limits theres always something to help you. But thats an extremely long story, most of which id really not relive.

It helped me when I first moved and had no friends :o
So I learned that a simple object can help you through anything

I learned that when you attach a chunk of metal to a string and spin it around, it is bound to hurt or destroy something.

Mostly just experimentality, creativity, innovation, and most of all, perseverance. Of course, Ive met great people through it!

This is honestly been the first time I stuck to something for so long.
Same! I used to just mess around with things for a while, get pretty good, and then get bored and move on to something else. Yoyoing has given me something to stick to and improve at for about 2 years now, and I can’t see myself ever putting it down.

My patience has expanded, my motivation to compete and get better has grown, and my interest in videography/photography has grown because of throwing as well. The fact that I can do projects for school that involve yoyoing absolutely rules. Not to mention the fact that it’s different, something that not a lot of people have seen, so it’s interesting to them, and attention-grabbing. All of my professors who have seen my work with yoyos think it’s amazing. I love it.

Well yoyoing has really been one of the things that kept me anchored and down to earth when a few other personal things left. It also let’s me meet some amazing people though forums, clubs, contests. it really amazes me to see chunks of metal bring so many individuals into a big happy community.

It’s helped me reach for that little slip of serenity when things go down the crapper. Oh, and that if you spin anything fast enough, it doesn’t matter how smooth it is, it WILL draw blood.

Don’t trust anything.


I can confidently say yoyoing made me a much chiller individual. It’s a stress reliever, a passion, a hobby, a creative outlet, and a talent all rolled into one. It just feels really good to have found something you have a knack for and love doing more than anything else.

It helped me learn dedication. Like I started speedcubing around mid January of this year, and I average under 20 seconds now. I’ve been yoyoing for 6 years I think, and I have no intention to stop. It also lets you meet some really awesome people!

I’ve learned just how many really smart people can say the most unintelligent things! And of course patience…

Lessons learned by a young skitrz:

  1. Never skip your imperial, like a stone, over the water. When it goes through the neighbor’s window there will be trouble.

  2. Never tie your brother’s wrist together behind his back with a yoyo string. It starts out in good fun with him laughing and ends with you not being able to untie the knot, your brother screaming bloody murder, your mom getting a bit upset with you, and the string gets cut.

  3. Never walk the dog on your shaggy dog. Dog didn’t like it and neither did the yoyo.

  4. Swinging your yoyo while walking in line can end a 5th graders love life when the yo smacks the cutest little girl in class underneath the chin.

  5. Young skitrz in a gift shop with a yoyo = bad news

  6. Never say “I didn’t break it” while holding a yoyo.

  7. Always perform requested tricks if you want to become a superstar in your part of town.

  8. Never skateboard with your yo in your hip pocket. Potentially hazardous to the yoyo and leaves a donut sized bruise on your bottom.

  9. When performing athletic fetes, such as the hammer throw, make certain that there are no parked cars in the area.

  10. When twirling your yo over your head like a lasso, know when to duck.

I’m with you on that.