less responsive pad??

Could anyone suggest me list of less responsive pads fr my yoyofficer yoyos?

If you get the OD “Flow Groove” response (they call it that even when it’s for 19mm OD slim pad size) they are a bit “shallower” than most 19mm OD slim pads. Put it in one side only at first. That might be enough!

Otherwise, any pads marketed as “hard” could do the trick. IrPads and YYF have models that are apparently more “hard”.

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As an alternative, if you don’t mind doing your own silicone, you can do red RTV gasket maker and recess it in the groove with the corner of a credit card. The more you recess it, the less grabby it plays. Keep in mind that it could need several throws to break in when first done.

^^ Yup! Alternative to the credit card: one of the many curves (pick the one that suits you!) of a guitar pick!