Legacy1 problems.

Ok. my legacy 1 bearing isn’t spinning as long as it has been (as far as I know) and it doesn’t sounds dry so I know that isn’t the problem. Should I try cleaning it anyway? will it help? My brother lost it recently in a bag in my room but it couldn’t have damaged it soooo yeah… and I can’t seem to get it out and I’m scared I’ll ruin the bearings if I pull harder so that tip would be nice too.

Use pliers to remove the bearing. Wiggle, don’t pull. If you wiggle no hard will come to the bearing.

You can try cleaning it, sure, it certainly won’t hurt. I’m guessing that some dust got into the bearing, pretty common really.

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Cool. thanks.

Some dust got into it when it was in the bag, that is all. Also the multy tool is really useful.

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