legacy weights

does anyone now how to remove the washer in a legacy ??? ;D

I wouldn’t.

You can’t get them back in, if you can… it must be VERY hard.

But use the back of a hammer (The side you use to take out stuck nails) and use it as a lever to pop them out.

couldn’t you just hammer it back in

It wouldn’t be exactly and it might cause a wobble.

Why are you interested?

thumb grinds

I can Thumb Grind with caps ON a Legacy

Andre at 0:26.


but it sucks >:(


It’s not the yo-yo it’s the throw.

i can thumb grind i just that need more space

Then i would recommend getting or using a different yo-yo, or just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

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dude,i tried the mammer but it still won’t come out


They weren’t made to come out…

Don’t kill an amazing yo-yo for Thumb Grinds, please?

Yeah. I can Thumb Grind with yoyos with caps no problem. Just balance it. Grinding with caps in my opinion is more fun because it is bouncy and can balance on the middle of the cap. :wink:

yeah please dont kill a legacy…ive thrown one, there great, and thumb grinds arent worth it, come on its 1 trick, practice and youll get it

i have two of them

Just get the yoyo leaning twards you and grinding is easier… Why drop all the weight? You’ll have lower spin times so you’r thumbgrinds would probably be just as bad…

BUT it you have two and for some reason you REALLY need to defile a great work of art (Which you dont) I’d reccomend sticking a strong screw driver into the center hole and prying the ring off… I have a feeling you’ll be dissapointed…

Hard to see him without that Blonde Spiky Top of his hair. lol

In the video how do you do the trick Andr’e does at 00:49?