Legacy compared to Dark Magic

I am getting a dark magic and would like to know if it is as good as people have been telling me or is it a piece of crap

The legacy is molded after the DM. It is, however, made out of celcon and has metal rings inside the caps for weight.

Other than that, there’s not too many differences.

There is another major difference though. The response on the DM is a hybrid (o-ring and starburst) and the Legacy uses silicone

Oh on hybrids, the response tends to give snaggy binds and slipping binds (sometimes) of course, this is with a Speeder’s Hybrid response which is pretty much the same. Silicone I believe gives a tighter bind with less snag.

Edit: If you are really really adept in binds, then it’s about the same except the hybrid feels sightly different and it may snag every so often.

The Legacy also has a wider gap for more advanced play :wink:

Oh yes, I wanted to ask if Legacy has inner thumb grinding lids like Dark Magic.

No, it does not.

Yeah but i got the dif e yo shim set and put both wide shims in my dark magic and have a gap almost as big as my axiom

But the Legacy has a wider gap stock.

Also, with the shims as well ::slight_smile:

Yeah but when you put shims in the legacy it falls apart as soon as you throw it because the stock axle is smaller than DM axle