Leaving the Hobby, small collection, lots of variety


Hi dudes,

I’m leaving the hobby. Please contact me with offers on the throws. I’m pretty flexible, but please, only pm me with intent to purchase.

Condition wise the only thing that isnt like new is the Level 6 and the cyborg. (The cyborg is pretty busted up but still useable, no vibe)

(Also, if you purchase more than one product I will give you a deal)

Top Row
Aftermath - Aether
Middle Row
YYE Edition Level 6 - Replay pro - Team Shaqler Loop 1080s
Cyborg (it might be a cypher, not sure, willing to get rid of this on the cheap) - Onestar - T5 Overlord - Prodigy

Yoyojam bag (the big green one) Not pictured.

(Rock Shouse) #3

I believe that’s a cypher not a cyborg?


How much are the top 2



Added : yoyojam bag

Added: “willing to get rid of this on the cheap”

(system) #12