My throws FT/S

Hey there everybody! ;D

Here is what I have:

First off is the Yoyofactory Big Deal. No scratches or anything, but the graphic is faded and a bit hard to see. It’s a fun little guy to throw and practice on landing stuff. A tad bit vibey if you pull-start it. I only have one string for it. I’m asking 55 for this. gone

I have 2 WYYC Edition Yoyojam Revolutions (1 purple and 1 blue). On the purple one, I don’t know what happened, but the axle will continue to screw in for eternity, but will still stay tightly together during play. The purple has some scratches along the edges of both rims all around. The blue has some scratches on the rims, but not as much as the purple. The graphics on the side (since they are holographic) are quite a bit faded, but you can still make out what it all says.
For the purple one, I will take 25 dollars and for the blue one, I will take 30. For both, I’ll glady accept 50.

Next is a gold Yoyojam Axiom. From a trade, it has pinpricks around the edges and some scratches along the rims. They do not affect the play. You can do some fast stuff with it and it will stay pretty stable. If I sell it, I’m asking 60 to 65 dollars for it.

Last, I have a gold Yoyofactory DNA 888. It has scratches along the side of the rims, but those do not affect play. It is a very smooth throw. It basically plays like a full-sized 888. If I can’t trade this one, then I am asking 80 for it. gone
My wants:
3yo3 Cosmo
Duncan Exit 8, Mayhem, Diversion, Vendetta, Hugo Z Hor, or Raptor
One Drop Dingo or 54
Recrev “i”
Vs Newton Battosai
Werrd Rozzor
YYF G5, Genesis (large bearing), Superwide, or Yuuksta
String Theory Quark or Singularity
SPYY Stryker

Pictures will be e-mailed upon request. Please pm me for offers!

Bump, added Duncan Hugo Z Hor to want list.

what type of singularity is up for trade? I was also wondering if I could trade in my custom painted (red rims blue splash) Dark Magic 2 for the singularity (or a lowered price on it). I’ll throw in a onedrop 10-ball bearing too.

nevermind sorry I replied to the wrong post