FS/FT Yoyofactory

What I’m selling (or trading)

Pink Yoyofactory Yuuksta: One scratch two small dents. Small vibe that you can only feel on grinds. 55$

Yoyofactory Dv888: Three pin pricks on the rims. Still plays great. 35$

Red Yoyofactory Protostar: Scratches around the whole thing. Faded logo on one side. 25-30$

Yoyofactory Starlite: Small scratch on the rim. Plays fine. 15$

Black Yoyojam Speedmaker: Missing one cap. Small marks around rims. Real Smooth playa 10$

I will post photos of the protostar and speedmaker soon.

Wants: CLYW the most, money, Onedrops, or a Supernova. Offer anything. I’ll consider everything.