FS: getting rid of all my throws, willing to negotiate + bundle on prices

Going off to college soon and I really need some money- I haven’t used these in years. PM me for negotiations, offers, or questions.

YoYoFactory Replay- near mint, no visible imperfections: $10, or $5 with other purchase

YoYoFactory Horizon- lots of scratches and scuffs along the rims, surprisingly smooth: $25

CLYW Kodiak- a couple scratches- $95

Yomega Prodigy- my first unresponsive, not quite a beater but close- $30

YoYoFactory Shutter- a good few scratches, signed by Gentry Stein- $30 or $20 with other purchase

YoYoFactory NorthStar- one scratch on the plastic, smooth- $10

TenYoyo Drop Bear- a few scratches, relatively smooth 8/10- $60

I actually don’t remember the model/name of this last one. retails for $40, I remember that much. If anyone recognizes it please let me know. has a few scratches and scuffs, plays surprisingly well- $20
Edit: it’s a YoYoOfficer Orbis, thanks to andy569 for letting me know

again, PM me with any questions or offers :slight_smile:


Pm sent

Pm sent

PM sent




Last one is yoyofficer orbis

Thanks so much!