Selling as package...


Selling all these as a pack. I´m shipping from Germany and the price is 160 USD + Shipping for everything.

YoYoFactory Ricochet blue, sparked, plays fine
YoYoFactory Popstar light blue, mint, WYYC 2014 edition
YoYoFactory Protostar red, almost mint tiny unfeelable scratches, play like new
Werrd Minute gold, 1 tiny scratch rest mint, play like new
Werrd Tre2k13 black/gold, mint, play like new
Duncan Hayabusa white/red, a few small flat spots on the rims, plays perfect
YoYoJam BigYo pink, a few scratches, play like new
MagicYoYo T5 Overlord purple, a few dings and scratches, play perfect

I´ll also throw in some stickers, string and a holster.
Unless you make a good offer I just want to sell it all together and I´m not interested in trades.

PM me for more information and better pictures!



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