FS/FT- BBYY Tata Twister $85/ Yoyofactory Superstar $75/ Yoyofactory G5 $50

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PICTURES: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8786433@N04/

Anything Oxy
Mini Star
Just offer anything

Big Brother Yoyos Tata Twister
~ Pavement Marks in one half- can barely be felt after light sanding- blends in with splash ano, so you have to look for it to be seen
~ Grey Splash
~ Plays amazing
~ $110 $100 $85

Yoyofactory Superstar
~ Dark Green
~ Sanded rims
~ Plays amazing
~ $80

Yoyofactory Classic G5
~ Black
~ Dings around rim, can be sanded off if wanted
~ Green Z-Stacks and yellow normal stacks
~ Plays absolutely perfect

Ceramic Konkave Bearing
(Don’t know what size, but fits pocket change, and duncan metal zero) *** (I’m guessing its small sized)
~ $18

PICTURES: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8786433@N04/