FS: Boss, Double Joker LF: YoYoJam Sirius


The following yoyos are for sale. The prices are all negotiable, so feel free to offer what you think is fair. All prices listed include shipping within the US.

I am looking for a YoYoJam Sirius. Please PM me if you have one.

Pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50691827@N02/sets/72157624086440007/


Boss - Some of the ano is scratched off on the inside. Only visible when the yo-yo is unscrewed. - $35


Double Joker - Mint. - $100


[s]DV8 - Typical raw marks on the rims. - Sold for $75

Pro - Has a scuff on one half that can’t be felt. - Sold for $60

Revolution - Mint. Slim bearing is included. - Sold for $22

M1 - Half Affogato, half Spacebat. Mint. - Sold for $35

Northstar signed by Jensen Kimmitt - Mint. - Sold for $50

Yuuksta - Mint. - Sold for $45

Replay - Mint. - Sold for $15

Irony - Mint. - Sold for $65

Pac-Man FHZ - This FHZ has been painted by John Higby. It has also been schmooved and silicone recessed by Ricerocket. - Sold for $20

Prototype Ministar - Mint. It’s raw and has a machining mark around the hub on one side. It’s that circle in the picture. It does not affect play. - Sold for $60

Punchline - Has a pinprick, a scuff, and two dings. Still plays fantastically. - Sold for $41

Clear Worlds Edition SpinFaktor X - Typical raw marks on the metal rings. - Sold for $30

Worlds Edition SR-71 - Typical raw marks on the rims. - Sold for $30

Minute - Mint. - Sold for $37

G5 555 Edition - One pinprick on the rim. - Sold for $55

Chazoke - Mint. It is a Swiss-made Beysick. - Sold for $55

BAC 2010 FH2 - Mint. - Sold for $10

Markmont Next - One small scuff on one half. I left the string on the yo-yo in my case once, and it created a neat oxidized pattern. Sold for $55

Winston Superstar - Mint. I will include white nubs. - Traded

Adam Brewster Peak - Mint. - Sold for $100

Higby’d FH2 - Mint. - Sold for $13

Pair of Loop 900s - Mint. One red, one yellow. - Sold for $30

Ricerocket DV8ish - Mint. Marble blue. - Sold for $25

Pre-pro Ronin - Typical raw marks. - Sold for $65

Spinfaktor X - Mint. - Sold for $22

Canflon Liopleurodon - A small flat spot on each half that I had difficulty photographing. - Sold for $45

Chris Fraser 888 - Mint. - Sold for $100

Quark - Tumbled. A couple of scuffs. - Sold for $45

Icon - One scuff on each half. Does not affect play. - Sold for $20

Metal Drifter - One small scuff. - Sold for $13

YYN Ministar - Mint. - Sold for $45

Shaqler Rockstar - Mint. - Sold for $60

Large Bearing FHC - Mint. - Sold for $20

Envy 64 - NOT Flaw to Love. Mint. - Sold for $30

Big Ben - Mint. Has some pretty cool looking silvery stuff on the inside, shown in the pictures. - Sold for $10

Ricerocket Reshaped FHZ - Reshaped by Ricerocket. Comes with two sets of weight rings, one heavy one light. Vibe is present with the heavier set installed. It has also had an SPR installed. - Sold for $25

Pyro Light - Mint. - Sold for $55

Novus - Desert sand. Replacement o-rings included. - Sold for $15

Proto Essence - Typical raw marks. - Sold for $70

Shadow 07 888 - A couple of flat spots and scratches that don’t go through the ano. - Sold for $45

Silver 07 888 - A couple of dings and plenty of scratches. Still a great player. - Sold for $30

B-Grade Skyline - Small bearing. One ding and a few scuffs. - Sold for $30

Singularity - Beadblasted. One tiny, tiny, barely noticeable flat spot that I couldn’t photograph. - Sold for $55

Swirly - Some of the ano is scratched off, but you can’t feel it. - Sold for $30


i would like to trade my dark magic and my mint envy for the skyline i will also through in 10 polyester green strings.
plz respond.

(LookAYoYo) #6

i will trade for punchline. i have an 888x, 5-star, P2 (maybe), and i can throw in some money.


Will you accept trades? I PM’d you. Also, free bump. :stuck_out_tongue:

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #14

Hmmm just wondering how much for the Grind Machine ?


how much for the big ben?


how much for the G5???


i will trade anything you want for the pyro check out this url: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,16653.0.html


fyi everybody likes prices and it will probably help you sell more yoyos :wink:

(LookAYoYo) #21

ok, now i want to see if i could get the DNA. i have an 888x, P2, and a GTO-T by dif-e-yo

(BB) #23

pics of the g5 555


Next time, actually look.

(BB) #25

how much


I think you should PM him.


yes but he should put prices


How much for Mint Brown Galactic Goose? will you send to Poland


trade for the shadow 888x or the g5
both modded xcon original and modded kk legacy
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(yoyo jake) #34

Xconvict for the skyline or anything


Interested in buying:

Speed Dial - Mint. - $15

Big Ben - Mint. Has some pretty cool looking silvery stuff on the inside, shown in the pictures. - $10

Envy 64 - NOT Flaw to Love. Mint. - $30

pm or e-mail me.