Learned Kamikaze whip mount now what?

I learned how to do the kamikaze mount 3 months ago and I have yet to figure a trick to do with it. I know how to dismount it but that is it. any tricks out there. I don’t want to stop at a 1 trick to a dismount.

You could always learn Kamikaze. YoTricks has a nice tutorial on it. Gyroscopic Flop is a nice trick to learn also

or take Shawn and Gus advice, and get yourself a pineapple. That’ll help you out with kamikaze.

That mount is the base for 90% of speed combos so you could make some/look some up

Whip to trapeze, whip to kamikaze, drop into gyroscopic flop, is one of my favorite things to show people who ask to see a cool yoyo trick. I never bothered to learn how to whip directly into kamikaze but maybe I should… :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve noticed that you can move your left hand to the other side of the string and then you’re perfectly set up for a mach 5, turning your body to the right that is, and from there you can do just about any trick that usually requires a split bottom mount… if that didn’t make any sense let me know and I can explain more in detail how that works…