Kamikaze Mount help

I am having trouble getting into a kamikaze mount,i cant seem to pop the yoyo up everytime i try to do it i drop the string from my double or nothing, any suggestions?

I’m also practicing this. To clear things up, are you in a regular Double or nothing or are you in a Houdini mount?

Houdini mount

If you just want to make it to the kamikaze mount, i know of two other ways to do it. One includes whipping from trapeze. It’s the easiest out of the three for me. The other would be from 1.5 mount which is a bit harder than the whip, but still easier than popping it from houdini.

I go into a kamikaze mount from the Houdini mount. Pop the string up and when it hits the string above it, release the string from your thumb. And it should work.