Find a Trick- Slack into Mount

I can’t remember the name of this mount/trick but it starts in a trapeze and the string hand throws a slack loop over the top of the yoyo so it almost looks like a Mach 5 mount. Ideas? It is the start to a longer trick I just can’t remember what it was called

Slack trapeze

Kamikaze Mount via whip technique?

A slack trapeze has you whipping the slack over your arm and catching it under a dangling yoyo that isn’t in any mount.

Yeah! Thats the one (Kamikaze) Thanks. Is that used in other tricks?

It’s used for the trick Kamikaze (this is just the mount). I’m currently working on Kamikaze as we speak.

the kamikaze mount is extremely versatile. Just watch Hiroyuki Suzuki. especially his newer stuff

like they said kamikaze via whip