Lateral Caps

Do the lateral caps on the yyj theory spin independently? Are they basically like hubstacks?



no, but the dimple is slick enough to spin for a really long time on your finger

Oh, I thought they did due to this:
“lateral caps feature a precisely shaped low-surface area inner cup molded from chemical resistant celcon making it possible to virtually hold the yo-yo while spinning and easily balance it in a horizontal position for new tricks and quite simply to impress those around you. It looks like magic in the hands of a skilled player.”
(product description of the lateral caps on yoyoexpert)

You can hold the dimple and turn it and use it similarly to a hubstacked yoyo. It’s harder, but not that hard. It’s because the caps are really slick

So it’s more like having spikes, as in matador play then. Is that correct?

yes, I’d say it’s easier than matador though

So are you saying that they sort of spin, or are you saying that they are more similar to matador?

Its no different than doing a fingerspin. The caps are not free spinning, they just make the sides of your yoyo slippery.

The caps DONT spin. Like nard said its like doing a fingerspin on any yoyo… you can grab on the dimples andit’s like matador

I said its easier cuz its easier to grab the dimples than the spikes. But yhe caps do NOT spin

Thank you everybody!