Fingerspin dimples

how do ppl do fingerspins on dimple yoyos? i have a k2plus, and i can never lock it in. i also had an arrow with a larger dimple, still couldnt

With dimples make sure the cup is level before you pop it up.

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Dimples require more accuracy to lock in than most other types of spin cup. If you miss the dimple the yoyo tends to wobble to a stall quickly but once you can land it right, they spin soooo nice!

When you pop the yoyo up to land on your finger, try to give it as much hang time as possible and concentrate on locating your spin finger to be centered perfectly beneath the yoyo when it lands. It just takes practice. Accuracy is key.

Also like Gnome said, while other styles often benefit from being spun at a slight tilt, dimple yoyos are happiest when thrown as level as possible.


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I have a bunch of K2 plus crystals…and I got to play with an Arrow last week.

Neither are the best examples for fingerspin dimples.

The cups are too shallow as are the dimples. If you want a good example look at the iYOYO Shooting star or the C³ Speedaholic. The cups are deep with a fairly wide fingerspin dimple. In my book they’re the perfect examples of what it should be like.