Lateral Caps: Dope or Nope?

Yea synergy caps were yoyo jams take on hub stacks.

key board messed up it was a !??!!?!??? but no question marks were added. Sounded like a fool lol

Can you pull start with lateral caps? Is the quest smooth?


and dead smooth


How exactly do you pull-start with lateral caps? Maybe with long nails, I’d find it hard to hold on to while pulling. I bought lateral caps for my rextreme but unfortunately they didnt fit on mine, so I turned them into z-stacks

works well with dry hands,gloves, and slightly protruding nails (anything more and that just disregarding hygiene )

you can only use lateral caps for a special edition Rextreme that is compatible with lateral caps, you can’t put Laterals into a random Rextreme.

I bought mine before they put the notice up that it only fit into the new rextreme. I think it was in response to me posting on yyjs Facebook.
Yeah I could see the pull start working with some soft slippery gloves. I preferred there synergy caps.

More dope or nopes?