Last yoyo you wished you had

What’s the last yoyo you saw at a store or online or whatever, that you wished you had?

All of them.

Blasted unengraved blue/silver KLR


I own the engraved version.

SPYY El Ranchero

Must. To. Have.

Freq wave

Cliff. And puffin.

Supernova, pair of loop 720’s, genesis, nova, 888, monster, protostar, Shaqstar, popstar, superwide, Boss, Primo, Dv888, Loop 1080’s (mine broke currently being shipped back to yye) Fiesta Glow, Loop 720,(1) Yoyosam dm2, OD cafe racer, yoyofactory Skyline raw, sup3rstar, DNA, Super G, Avant Gard 2,1 MVP 1/2 Champs: roll model, stack Genesis, Ann Whip, Equilateral, Starlight, Doomsday Genesis, and other yoyofactory yoyojam and Duncan throws on yye.


Canvas, and I got one :smiley: Now I kinda want a Puffin lol


CLWY Blue Jay Blizzard Canvas is pretty sick…

It looks really neat. Or a yyj Ai


YoyoRecreation Fragment.