last week

didnt andre the expert say there would be another forum expert?
did i miss something?
he may just be busy

Sorry - we certainly didn’t forget - things behind the scenes got a little crazy - still playing catch up!


yeah it was meant as im so anxious
not as your doing a bad job

Yeah… July was a while ago!

He’ll get around to it when he can. He’s obviously pretty busy.

Don’t worry guys, hes probably having fun at the same time. Look - hes playing catch up :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, great! I can’t wait until someone JM someone is an eXpert/mod!

It seems like your hinting somewhere in your statement i just can’t put my finger on it.

I’m sure it’s just tough going through everything we post and making the right decisions. I could tell you it’s a job that many of us wouldn’t take lightly. In my opinion, I say that the time you need. Then again, I’m new-ish.
I hope your having a grand fun time while your at it. You should always have fun no matter what your doing.

awesome! how do you guys even know if he has a busy life? yeah, he works. i do too, but i’m not that busy. all i do is stand behind a counter all day.

He also has school, I believe. And answer all messages he gets, checks the forum, runs YoYoExpert, and has a wife.