last hop for and whut

just can’t seem to figure that last hop! Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

It is the same hop that you do when your are in a Brother GT the first time. Is this what you meant?

maybe, but the tutorials I’ve watched say to do a jump rope ???

The jump rope is slightly difficult. I think that the only real help is practice. There is a much easier, and arguably smoother, variation where, from a man bro, you pop behind all the strings and land on the back string. You will be in the same configuration as if you just jump roped.

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One thing I do is after popping the yoyo up in preparation for the jump rope, I don’t start the jump rope until the yoyo is falling. Don’t jump rope right as you pop it up. Because if you time it right, you really are just sliding the thing underneath the yoyo as it falls to make the jump rope happen. And I am looking for the variation because I think and what already is oddly paced and some spectators think it has no rhythm…

I made a video that helps to try and explain the variation described that allows you to get into the last green triangle from a brother mount instead of with a jump rope in the trapeze / modified 1.5 mount.

See the yo tricks tutorial that’s how I learned it and basically it’s the same as the first double green triangle with the las hop just pop it out the back.

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