Last combo of 2010!

Happy New Years!!! what was the last combo you did in 2010 I did a wrist mount combo and Hit it 100% clean.

Didn’t yoyo yesterday, whoops :wink: . I suppose my last trick was a throw and bind, becasue thats what I do before I put any of my yoyos away for the day.

My last combo for 2010 was… A random combo I made up. Well it was a random throw.

I didn’t do a combo, but the last trick I did was “spirit bomb.”

thats a combo.

Wristmount to tower to bucket mount to jargon mount to fake knot combo.

Anybody want to condense that?

mine was a 5a combo i made up and don’t know what the heck to call it

I just did a combo of mine, and hit it OK, not 100% though. :stuck_out_tongue: