Las Vegas Open Yo-Yo Contest Results!

Full Results posted on YoYoNews earlier:

Ky Zizan took first place in 1A with an amazing freestyle! Just listen to that crowd… So Good!

If you haven’t seen it, watch it now.

I think he might like basketball.

Amazing freestyle!

Haha~ Very entertaining indeed.

Extraordinary! He has been cutting edge for years now. But today; all the stars were in the proper alignment.

Wow… And how he kept the flow going with regens was truly a World Beater.

3 a thumbs up.

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ky is an animal. cross genre training at its finest right there, even my wife thought it looked impressive.
im happy that he won, im not even a huge fan but the fact that someone so innovative and unique won is great. i hope that style becomes more important in 1a comps, but i get thats hard to define or quantify.

always thought he was just a crowd entertainer…

I love people who bring something quirky or new into the competition. It always motivates and brings something positive to yoyoing.